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Abangah Engineering Group has started its professional activities on SocioCultural Capacity Building since 2007. During this period the group defined several provincial, national and international projects. This website is provided to introduce and receive your ideas or cooperation on these areas.


World Water Day (22 March) is coming. This day, all over the world, consider as a valuable opportunity for attracting public attention to water: To know more about water, to become more sensitive about it and to improve behaviors in this area. Every year one of the aspects of water is focused on and for 2015, ((water and sustainable development)) has been selected as the focal point. Promoting this concept can play a vital role in societies, especially the developing […]


In the frame of Abangah weekly book meetings, at Thursday, February 12, the fundamentals of people participation and global experiences through presenting the second edition of “An introduction to people participation and Non-governmental organization”, written by Mr. Saidi, discussed. In this way, experiences of other countries like India, Bangladesh, China, and Australia introduced and the Philippine’s experience in implementation of the collaborative approach to the development of irrigation reviewed with more details. Also Good Governance (Origin, concepts and components) described […]


According to Socio-Cultural capacity building fundamental and frames (which was presented by Abangah at 2010) and as a part of “Golestan Awareness Raising” project, Set of global experiences and activities in the field of training and raising awareness on water resources and efficient consumption published by a workgroup of managers and experts at Abangah. The report reflects the activities on Water Conservation Raising Awareness in the worldwide (17 countries, including: Japan, Great Britain, United States, Philippines and ….). Base on […]