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Abangah Young engineering group has been started its professional activities on social issues, capacity building and public raising awareness since 2007. During this period the group can define several provincial, national and international projects. This website is provided for introducing and attract any ideas or cooperation on plans .


Painting and crafts of elementary students in “sustainable management of land and water resources in Hablehroud watershed” project has already presented as ((Hablehroud, sustainable river)) book. This book has prepared by Forest, Range & Watershed Management Organization of Iran, Sustainable management of land and water resources of Hablehroud project and Abangah young engineering group as the consultant.  The book which has published in English and Farsi, describes the framework of the project and reflexes some of the work done by […]

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Based on Abangah project frame work and evaluation and documentation structure, several papers about Abangah’s projects on “Capacity Building for Sustainable Development” are presented and published in international conferences on 2014. As below you could find the list of recent conferences that the papers are accepted and will be presented: The Fourth Annual Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment​t 2014 – Osaka, Japan 2nd Annual International Conference on Water, 14-17 July 2014, Athens, Greece 1st South East European […]

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In recent weekly discussing in Abangah, Mr. Behnam, the assistant director of group, presented a report which has been published by UNESCO called “World Social Science Report 2013”. You can find a summary here: The International Social Science Council (ISSC) presents the World Social Science Report 2013. The issue this Report confronts is global environmental change, a phenomenon that encompasses all the biophysical changes happening on the planet’s land and in its oceans, atmosphere and cryosphere. Many of these changes […]