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Abangah Young engineering group has started its professional activities on capacity building especially public raising awareness since 2007. During this period the group can define several provincial, national and international projects. This website is provided to introduce and attract any ideas or cooperation on the plans.


On September 16th afternoon, Mr. kargar, the assistant director of Asiatic Cheetah Project came to Abangah office and beside introducing with group’s activities on capacity building, discussed about social issues in cheetah project. In this meeting, in addition to Mr. Samiee (CEO) and Mr. Behnam, Mr. Aghamiri, group advisor, was also present and issues and experiences of local communities’ participation was discussed. Local communities’ participation for conserving the environment especially the species at risk of extinction, consider as a key […]


During the STSD 2014 which have been hold at 21-22 august 2014 at Freie university of Berlin, Abangah young engineering group with cooperation of Dr. Garazhian had a presentation on “Socio-Cultural Capacity Building, a Window to Sustainable Development”, also at the presentation, the scheduled symposium on “The Anthropology of Water & Energy in the Context of Iranian Society for Socio-Cultural Capacity Building” which is organizing by Abangah, INC (Iranian national commission for UNESCO) and some German universities as partners, introduced. […]


In recent years, the problem which occurs for Urmia Lake has been attract a variety of attentions not only experts of region and world but also NGOs, politicians and public , actually this conflict comes to an international issue rather than a local or national one. In this regard an agreement has been defined by financial support of Japan government, UNDP and Environment Department of Iran to following the sustainable agriculture in Urmia Watershed so that the lake can be […]