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Abangah Social & Engineering Group has started its professional activities on Sociocultural Capacity Building since 2007. During this period the group defined several regional, national and international projects. This website is provided to introduce the group and receive your ideas or suggested cooperation cases on these areas.

According to up growing water challenges, one of the most fundamental global approaches is identifying and moving towards planting and promoting crops with high nutritional value and resistant to salinity and dehydration. This approach not only ensures food security for the inhabitants of dry and semi- dry regions, but also by preserving the livelihoods of farmers, reduces the context of social challenges and its consequences like poverty and immigrations in important parts of the society. In this regard, on Sunday, […]

Base on Abangah experiences on sociocultural capacity building through cooperation with UNDP programmes in Iran, Energy Ministry and so on, Abangah group was selected by Khuzestan Water and Power Authority to play roll of consultant on water resources participatory management project at Khorramshahr areas at July 2016. Before Abangah entrance, in the target area of project, due to some organizational inconsistencies, the water installations and irrigations/ drainage facilities were destroyed or stolen and the local societies’ trust had fallen sharply […]

As the most important global climate change decision making event, the COP23/CMP13/CMA1.2, will be held from 13 Nov to 17 Nov 2017 at Bonn, Germany by United Nation Climate change Secretariat. Base on Abangah group activities in this regards, Mr Behnam has been selected by event committee team to participate at meeting sessions as group representative. The Paris climate change agreement was one of most major results of last year annually meeting which hold at Paris Nov 2016 (COP21). You […]