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Abangah Engineering Group has started its professional activities on SocioCultural Capacity Building since 2007. During this period the group defined several provincial, national and international projects. This website is provided to introduce and receive your ideas or cooperation on these areas.


The Green Management establishment which is a legal obligation and also a necessity due to environmental and economic facts in today’s world has not implemented in a systematic and comprehensive way in Iran. Abangah, as a member of a consortium consist of four companies and institutions specialized in environmental educations and capacity building which are approved by Environment Department, formulated an operational model for Green Management establishment. This model were presented and discussed in a meeting on 31 Jan by […]


The workshop which was hold at 23 and 24 January, was aimed to share German experts’ experiences from GIZ,GWP and federal ministry for the environment, nature conservation, building and nuclear safety; with  Iran water managers and activists on ground water resource management during last 30 years. In this event which Mr. Behnam from Abangah was also participated in, Germans Talked about society and NGOs power on controlling and monitoring ground water resource management and role of social investment in this […]


Implementation of the second phase of “capacity building for local Society’s Participation in conservation of Miandasht Wildlife Refuge and Zemen-e-Ahoo National Park” at Khorasan Shomali Province, by using the newest methods of social capacity building, leads to the participation of local societies at conservation of the environment and special critically endangered cheetah subspecies more expanded than in the past at Miandasht. This project was defined in three phases with a focus on capacity building for Participation of local communities on […]