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Abangah Social & Engineering Group has started its professional activities on Sociocultural Capacity Building since 2007. During this period the group defined several regional, national and international projects. This website is provided to introduce the group and receive your ideas or suggested cooperation cases on these areas.


Women constitute half of society, and addition to their impact on routine and today’s affairs, has a long-term and sustainable impact through training the next generation of a society. On developing countries, due to various reasons, the women’s participation in different areas such as environment and water resources management has not been prepared adequately, while according to the researches, women can play an important role in these areas. However in Iran, on the recent years, necessity of considering non-structural approach […]

کمیسیون اب

Commerce, industries, mine, agriculture chamber of Iran follows the issues. In it’s commission which one of this commission that the topics related to water disscuss on, is the “water, environment and green economics”. At the 7th meeting of the commission that hold on (2016/4/17), a special time was allocated for presenting Abangah’s experiences and approaches. Mr.Samiee, Abangah CEO, attended at this meeting and had a presentant on “Hy drasocial” or the social acpects of water, global views and the conditions […]


All the public relation managers of water authority companies from 31 provinces of Iran gathered at Tehran on 23 April 2016 to participate in the First National Workshop on “Training and Social Capacity Building for Ground Water Rebalancing” which is one the main project of the rebalancing plan. The workshop consisted of 3 sections. In the first part, some of the national managers from Water Resources Management Co. presented their points for the social aspects of the rebalancing plan. In […]