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  • Public Awareness and Social Capacity Building for Groundwater Rebalancing Plan (National Consultant)
  • National Plan of Water Saving (DANAB)
  • The project of Training the Rural Women for Water and Energy Consumptions
  • Capacity Building & Public Awareness for Rebalancing Groundwater in Khorasan Razavi Province- Iran
  • The Training Project of Environment Protection (HAAM)
  • Raising Awareness for Drought Affects in High Schools (Mohit Yar)
  • Planning the Raising Knowledge and Public Awareness for Water in Golestan province-Iran
  • Saving Water Festival for Sustainable Development
  • Planning for Training & Cultural Activities in Environmental days
  • Planning for Training in Green Economic & Sustainable Development


Public Awareness and Social Capacity Building for Groundwater Rebalancing Plan (National Consultant)

In Iran, near 55% of water demand is supplied by groundwater resources. These resources have been faced complex challenges in recent decades and the crisis will be developed because of unsustainable management in most plains.

In such conditions, “Groundwater Rebalancing” as a National Plan has been defined and could be mention as a new window for Iran saving water.

At 2015, Abangah Engineering Group has been tried to form social part and aspects of mentioned plan by defining “Public awareness and Socio-cultural capacity building” project as initial part of the activities. The instruction and framework of this project was signed and published by Energy Ministry of Iran in August 2015. At the beginning of 2016, in a competitive way, Abangah was selected as the national consultant for the project in order to facilitate and support the plan goals and prepare social investment for sustainable water resource management.

National Plan of Water Saving (DANAB)

Challenges on water issue are expanding increasingly in many parts of the world and it has become one of the most basic human obstacles. It leads to global and local efforts by experts, national authorities and international agencies to find new and innovative solutions for sustainable management of these resources.

The base of many of these solutions is public participation so that everyone should take a role in resolving “water crisis”. To achieve this participation, socio- caltural capacity building is a basic necessity and accordingly, National Plan for Students to Save Water!

National students’ plan to save water (DANAB) base on social studies and relying on the support of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO and in consistent with the need for social participation by Iran Energy Ministry, began in Khorasan Razavi province. After a successful pilot phase in six provinces, it was defined and implemented nationally with coordination and headquarter integration.

Abangah not only selected as national consultant (for water resources management co)؛ But also run the project directly in 13 provinces: Golestan, Boshehr, Kordestan, Gilan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Lorestan, Kohkiloye va Boyer ahmad, Ilam, Khorasan Jonobi, Semnan, Khozestan.

For more information about this plan, please visit  (www.DANAB.ir) and also download plan summary file.

The project of Training the Rural Women for Optimum Water and Energy Consumptions

With the incensement of population and human’s life quality, the requirement for water supply and electricity has been increased and brought their relevant challenges. Agriculture and farming villages are considered as the biggest consumers of these resources, and as the new patterns of life have been introduced to rural people, the domestic consumption of electricity and water showed a great increase in such areas. Therefore, to provide optimum energy demands in these circumstances, training rural women, as home managers, seems to be very helpful.

Accordingly, women’s empowerment was defined as an important project, and in its first step, which was successfully done in 2012; rural women were trained in 20 pilot provinces of Iran with regard to local issues. The project was supported by Office of Women’s Affairs and Family Counselor at energy ministry and will cover a more trainees in next steps. Assessment and evaluation, incentive systems, and networks to compliment the training of activists and trained persons are several parts of this project.

Capacity Building & Public Awareness raising for Rebalancing Groundwater in Khorasan Razavi Province- Iran

Khorasan Razavi province in northeast of Iran, has the most challenges about groundwater at Iran provinces. According to this fact, khorasan Razavi Regional Water Authority Co. selected Abangah at 2007 for studying and planning of capacity and building public awareness especially for rural and agriculture section to approach rebalancing in ground water recourses. DANAB which became a national plan in next years, was one of major outcomes of this project.

The Training Project of Environment Protection (HAAM)

In the recent decades, Environment was injured by human beings’ behaviors and the main resources (like water, soil and air) and also other organisms have been subjected to various challenges. Thus one of the main priorities in international goals and programs, including the SDGs, is capacity building and public awareness raising in the field of environment as a key for stopping the environmental destroys.

Adolescents and students are one of most appropriate target group for environmental education and in this regard, after the pilot phase of ECO-Friend project at Khorasan Razavi province’s, which more than 10,000 students was trained by about 70 teacher for environment issues, the developing phase of training adolescents about environment was defined by supporting of Mellat Foundation (Mellat Bank) and by participation of Cluster Office of UNESCO and Iranian National Commission for UNECO, also Education Ministry and Environment Department of Iran. This project which was Called ((HAAM)) targeted more than 27000 students.

The goal of the project was preparation, sensitization and training skills and behaviors for attention, affection and protection of the environment.

Effect evaluation (measuring the increase in awareness, sensitivity, and behavior indexes) by holding pre-test and post-test in a random sample of students at the beginning and at the end of project, indicated the effectiveness of the project and showed significant increasing in knowledge and sensitivity of students about environment.

The great Ceremony of the project was held in Pars Hotel- Mashhad on 19 May 2013 in which international, national and local authorities were attended.

Raising Awareness for Drought Affects in High Schools (Mohit Yar)

To diminish human’s negative effects on surrounding environment and its living organisms, is essential to warn the society against devastating effects of all kinds of environmental pollutions.

The student-cultural project “Mohit Yar” has trained more than 10,000 students in 2011 and 2012 on challenges and problems of environmental pollution at the scale of world, country and their regions in its first phase. This project has based on the new methods of training, particularly participation based methods. Statistical evaluations showed that the project was succeeded in increasing students’ knowledge and sensitivity.

Planning on water Knowledge and Public Awareness raising in Golestan province-Iran

“Public Awareness” and “Capacity Building” are one of the most important items in new water resource management. According to this fact, Golestan Regional Water Authority Co, selected Abangah, to plan the implementation of these items in short, medium and long term scales. It was done in 2015 summer.

Saving Water Festival for Sustainable Development

After running the DANAB project for 3 years, at Golestan province on Jone 2014, a festival was defined with cooperation of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO to encourage the audience in participation for water saving in these provinces schools. Planning & technical aspects of this festival was done by Abangah.

Planning for Training & Cultural Activities in Environmental days

Environmental days (like World Water Day or the Day for Clean Air) seem as effective opportunities for public awareness in different aspect of environments. To schedul for this purpose, Abangah was select by Environment Deportment in Khorasan Razavi at 2015.

 Planning on Training on Green Economic & Sustainable Development

Green economy and sustainable development are importance topics in today’s world. Accordingly a project was defined by Environment Department of Khorasan Razavi and Abangah Group in 2015 to review the indexes, solutions and the challenges in this field.


  Selected Images in the Field of “Awareness Raising”