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Abangah will publish its outcomes in Hablehroud watershed capacity building project in 2ndSUSTAINABLE WATERSHED MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE which will be held in next month’s in Turkey. The title of sent paper is An experience on increasing the awareness level and participation of local societies  (Case study:  Iran, Hablehroud watershed) and the authors are Mr Samiee (CEO) and Mr Behanm (Assistant Director). The reviewing results of this article has just received. It says: This is a very interesting paper, with a novel […]


Empowering women is one of the world’s goals which followed in different countries under the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and it seems as a basic necessity in the new era. One of the issues highlighted in the discussion of empowerment, is the development of entrepreneurship among women. The women entrepreneurship in its proper context, results in using women’s capacities and talents and leads to economic and also social growth, finally. Developing “Women entrepreneurship” needs capacity building and training and Abangah […]

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In recent trip of Director-General of UNESCO –Ms Irina Bokava- to Iran in April 2014, The Danab project was presented for her as one of the widest capacity building project which has done in the field of water conservation and environmental sustainability. Danab is an awareness rising and capacity building project which has began since 2009 and in a systematic process has been implemented nationally since 2011. The project target group in 2011 was more than 3 million students in […]