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In order to summarize the status of the activities of the past year and plan ahead synergistically, On Saturday, January 4, Executive Directors of group gathered around one another. In the meeting which lasted two hours, the main headings of issues in 2013 were presented by CEO and then the plan ahead in 2014 was discussed. The main potential challenges in ahead road for achieving international and national goals were listed and finally each manager talked about the sweetest professional […]


“Raising awareness and participation of local communities in sustainable management of land and water resources via training elementary students (second phase) in Hableh-roud watershed” project runs out in case that the results shows a perfect welcoming of audience. The project defined on all elementary student in second phase, boys/girls and rural/urban, and conducted based on its Gaunt charts at scheduled times. Base on competitions entering (more than 400 cases), there was a wide participation and communication with tutorials during project. […]

1990, South Africa --- Nelson Mandela --- Image by © David Turnley/CORBIS

Nelson Mandela, the great leader of Africa, left us with a legacy of love for freedom and equality. During my trip to South Africa in April 2011 to participate in a scientific workshop, I found a deep love of the nation for him. I learned how can abandon the formal power despite being at the peak of popularity. I learned how a nation can grow so that love him, and at the same time criticizing him. For his great legacy […]