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The “water security” seminar which is aimed to focus on majors today’s world challenges on water resources especially groundwater, will be held by Abangah mangers beside their trip to CANADA. On the published description of the seminar it is mentioned that: Among the environmental challenges we face in our world today, water is one of the most serious. Have you wondered what problems we’re facing concerning water? What are the consequences if they remained unchecked? Javad Samiee and Behnam Rassouli, […]


The new version of DANAB’s website has been launched On the eve of Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2017.The website is now accessible at the address: www.danab.ir National students plan for saving water (DANAB) is a project which follows training and participation of students on a systematic approach in order to develop the culture of water conservation, particularly groundwater resources. DANAB has been started firstly at 2010 and become a national project since 2011-12. Studies, planning and monitoring of this project has […]


Losing the balance of key items in an ecosystem could leads to unsuitability and causes several challenges not only for natural resources but also for plants and animals species. Unfortunately in recent decades, this phenomenon has been occurred at many parts of the world, such as different regions in Iran, and in the case that serious movement for changing the approaches and trying for rebalancing doesn’t occur; humanity will face a wide range of environmental, social and economic challenges. In […]