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According to the meeting of Abangah managers with Dr.Kafi, president of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, an agreement for establishing a center on “water and social science cooperation” has been prepared and was signed at 9th of January-2017. It was described at the introduction of the agreement that regarding to the serious challenges at water issues especially at groundwater resources, also regarding to the mission of Ferdowsi University and based on the Abangah’s approaches for extending the interdisciplinary discourses for sustainable […]


Losing the balance of key items in an ecosystem could leads to unsuitability and causes several challenges for natural resources (such as groundwater) also for plants and animals species. Unfortunately in recent decades, this phenomenon has been happened at many parts of the world, like as Iran, so in the case that serious movement for changing the approaches and trying for rebalancing resources doesn’t occur; humanity will face with wide environmental, social and economical challenges. “Toran” and “Miandasht” regions are […]


The roundtable of “K12 Water Education” which was scheduled in “Water and Environment; Education and Capacity building” conference was hold at December 4, at Central Library of Tehran University. The panel of this roundtable which was coordinated by Dr Ardestani (Professor of Tehran University) consisted of Amani and Doorandish from Education Ministry, Oskoii and Khalili from Energy Ministry and Samiee from Abangah group. Explaining the plans of Education Ministry for a new course named “Human and Environment”, introducing DANAB project […]