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As a high ranked university at Canada, McGill University is located at Mount Royal in downtown Montreal, while the second campus situated in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, also on the Montreal Island, 30 kilometers (18 miles) west of the main campus. Its academic units are organized into 11 main faculties and schools. Based on the related activities of this university with Abangah aims, during the Abangah managers’ stay at Canada, meetings with some professors at Civil also Agriculture faculty was followed and a […]

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Valuable meeting with water department manager of Montreal Municipality was hold during Abangah managers stay at Canada. As a main water stakeholder at great Montreal, meeting with Ms. Chantal Morrissette the water department manager at Montreal municipality was organized and followed during Abangah Mangers stay at Concordia innovation center, Quebec-Canada. The meeting was hold at July 21th, provided valuable information on Montreal water strategies and experiments. In this regard, two reports was explored which covered the glance at recent years […]


The Trip of Abangah Group Mangers to North America is following verity of objectives, which one of them is sharing experiences with top organizations that work on capacity Building in water related sections.  In this regard, meeting with Ms. Lynda Reywas followed. She is the director manager of ONE DROP NGO which is an international non-profit organization, focusing on water initiatives. The mentioned NGO is following water projects almost at Central America, India and West Africa, aims to facilitate access […]