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Groundwater resources in Iran are facing with over-exploitation so that current trends will lead to losing these valuable resources in near future forever! Iran is not the only country that suffers from groundwater challenges so there could be valuable experiences in other regions to be used for sustainable water management there. Abangah Economic article, written by Mr. Zeinali, which is broadcasted by FARS news agency, was tried to describe the necessity of action for Groundwater rebalancing in Iran and samples […]


“Planning and directing the formation and establishment of sustainable participatory management of water resources in agriculture at Khuzestan (west south of Iran)” project, has been started 4 months before and during this period, comprehensive studies on four aspects (technical, social, economical and legal) have been completed so at recent weeks, the meetings with stakeholders were organized and followed. The important point of these meetings is the new approaches with using “Meta-Facilitation” methodology. Abangah team (as the project consultant) uses this […]


At 5th National Meeting of Environmental NGOs (Provincial networks) which was held during September 27- 29; Abangah was defined a workshop to explain the situation of groundwater resources for participators also plan for establishment a national and local movement through rebalancing these valuable resources. At the end of this workshop, it was decided to follow a campaign for groundwater conservation which will be consisted of NGOs from various provinces. You could find the presentation of this workshop in Persian here […]