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Abangah Social & Engineering Group which has begun its professional activity since 2008, believes that by awareness raising, promoting participatory management and developing technologies and systems could make a better world and recues the earth, as the only home we have for living. In this area, the water challenges are the main focusing point in Abangah. In defining and implementation projects, we consider these professional principles:

1-Defining the projects on systematic frame

2- Basing the projects on scientific studies

3- Focusing on basic and indelible training and prevent showing instead

4-Evaluating the effectiveness of projects which leads to the better planning of next phases and steps

5-Utilizing different potentials like government, NGOs and other interested organs’ capacities

6- Considering native and cultural problems to improve the efficiency of trainings

Since 2007, by using different expertise in an interdisciplinary way (engineering, psychology, sociology and communication sciences) Abangah has accomplished numerous projects at the regional national and international scales. You could find more about at key fields.