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Abangah Mission Statement (What We Do?)

By combining social and engineering perspectives or other technical topics and humanities issues, Abangah as a Social & Engineering group tries to follow capacity building for sustainable development in an interdisciplinary basis. It eventually becomes an Absolute Advantage for All.

Capacity building for sustainable development enforces the ability of individuals, groups, organizations and communities in developed countries, and particularly developing countries in a systematic manner to achieve and maintain the development in various individual and large-scale levels in a stable and consistent manner with other components of the world now and in the future.

We, Abangah Group, attempt for definition and implementation of regional, national and international projects to provide necessary tools for understanding, common intent and stable behavior on various issues related to sustainable development. The definition and implementation of this project are done through the participation of investors and providers, governments, organizations and the groups founds that without socio- cultural capacity building needed in individuals and communities, there is no possibility of achieving the objectives and plans. There for we could only have a better world for everyone just by approaching to the sustainable development.

Our colleagues in Abangah work together in a determined and fresh atmosphere and consider organizational discipline and professional view which one necessary for achieving the goals.

Absolute Advantage for All is Slogan for Abangah Group