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Base on Abangah experiences on sociocultural capacity building through cooperation with UNDP programmes in Iran, Energy Ministry and so on, Abangah group was selected by Khuzestan Water and Power Authority to play roll of consultant on water resources participatory management project at Khorramshahr areas at July 2016.

Before Abangah entrance, in the target area of project, due to some organizational inconsistencies, the water installations and irrigations/ drainage facilities were destroyed or stolen and the local societies’ trust had fallen sharply so using new meta-facilitations methods base on accurate actor analysis were followed by Abangah via New functionalism operational plan.

By running the final phase of project, successful pattern for local societies’ participatory management created by project team and the development and promotion models were extracted. A model which we hope that can be promulgate to other regions so that serious steps towards participatory management would be followed.

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