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  • A Study on the Effect of Training on Knowledge and Insight of Junior Students about Critical State of Groundwater Resources (Case Study: Junior Students-Khorasan Razavi-Iran), International Conference on water and environment in the new millennium: education and capacity building, Tehran, Iran, 2016.
  • The Necessity of Capacity Building and Awareness Rising of Local Stakeholder and Beneficiaries about the Effects and Usage of Unconventional Water Resources (Effluent) in Iran (Case Study Mashhad Plain), International Conference on Water and Environment in the new millennium: Education and capacity building, Tehran, Iran, 2016.
  • The Necessity of Social Capacity Building and Public Awareness Raising About Environmental Issues to Approach the Goal of Sustainable Development on Underdevelopment Countries (Case Study: khorasan Razavi Province, Iran), the Fourth Annual Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment, 2014
  • The necessity and method of capacity building and awareness raising for water crisis to approach sustainable development in arid and semi arid regions (case study: Iran), International conference on water, information, sustainability, and environment 26-28 August, 2014, Canadian Museum of History Gateau-Ottawa, CANADA
  • The necessity of capacity building and awareness raising of local stakeholders and beneficiaries about the effects and usage of unconventional water resources (effluent) in Iran (Case Study Mashhad plain), the fourth annual Asian conference on sustainability, Energy and the environment, 2014
  • A study on the effect of training on knowledge and insight of junior students about critical state of underground water resources (Case Study: junior students – Khorasan Razavi – Iran), Annual International Conference on Water, 2014
  • The impact of education on juniors students in a national project to save water (DANAB), paper accepted in Journal of Agricultural Extension and Education, IRAN, (April 2012), the number of journal entry: iaeej9001359
  • The necessary survey on attention of people awareness toward water shortage in performance Inter – basin water transfer plans, (case study: Young and middle-aged people of Yazd city), Paper accepted for oral presentation in National Congress of     Inter-basin water transfer,2012
  • Look at the methods of education and culture in relation to water issues, leading countries, especially United States, Paper accepted for post presentation in National Congress of Sustainable Development in water management, (February 2010)

Furthermore there are lots of articles which are published in Persian language.